Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what's new?

People often ask in passing or in casual conversation, "what's new?" However, there is no standard answer for this question. Sure, I could say, "not much." But that's just lying. There is bound to be something new that has occurred since I last saw/talked to this person....even if it is as simple as a Facebook status update. Also, the answer always varies depending on how long it has been since I have seen this particular person asking the question. So then the question becomes, "well, when is the last time I saw you?" Which then turns into, "oh, about two weeks ago." Okay, so if I saw you two weeks ago, let me just get out my blackberry/journal/calendar/diary/notepad/email to check what has happened in the past two weeks that I have not told you about. Then I could proceed to rattle off everything I have done in the past two weeks to check and see if I have told this person about it. Having to do this for every single person that asks the question, "what's new?" next to impossible. But, in case you were wondering, "what's new?", here it is...

  • I started taking piano lessons again this month. The last time I took a piano lesson I think I was 11, but it's been great. I am actually back with my former teacher and I am learning a ton! I would seriously love to be a busker in downtown someday.
  • I also began a writing course this week on creative and freelance writing - I'm trying to discover my strengths as a writer and refine my skills so that one day maybe people will pay me money to write things.
  • I drew a picture. I'm not usually much of a drawer, but this particular drawing is quite special to me and actually not that bad.
  • I planned a trip to visit some dear friends.
  • Bought some concert tickets for some shows in April.
  • Forgave.
  • Began preliminary planning on a big summer road's all a dream at this point, but we'll see :)
  • My heart was broken for Haiti.
  • Found a church that I really like and think I'm ready to commit to.
  • Bought a tambourine.
  • Started pilates...sort of.
  • Purchased an actual vintage dress...not just one from Urban Outfitters that looks "vintage."
  • Read some great books....including Captivating (love this book!)
That's all I can think of right now. Next time someone asks you "what's new?" Tell them everything you have done in detail since you remember last talking to them. It will be funny and maybe turn into a really cool conversation.